Parasound vs Primaluna vs Alternatives

I realize this is comparing two different types of amps, but thats kinda the idea here.

I currently own a Parasound A31 which powers my front left, center, and front right channels. 

However I am only currently concerned and focused on 2 channel stereo listening when it comes to this decision. 

Basically, I would love to delve into the tube world (tube rolling appeals to me) and I have read nothing but good reviews on Primaluna products.

I do a lot of listening of both vinyl via my soon-to-be-replaced Project debut carbon with AT440MLa MM cartridge, as well as digital via Audirvana, Tidal, and tons of DSD files from my Mac Mini.

Everything runs from either a Mac Mini or turntable into a Brooklyn DAC which outputs to Marantz 7702 in Pure Direct mode to current Parasound A31. 

Current Loudspeakers are Tekton Double Impacts. 

Basically, I am very curious about what would really change by switching the Parasound for something like a well respected tube amp like the Primaluna Dialogue HP? Ideally I would love something that would increase my sound stage and provide as holographic and precise an image as possible. Absolutely love closing my eyes and feeling the exact space of the recording. 

Thoughts and suggestions all appreciated. 


Agree with David. Parsons your posts are well written, clarity is indeed a desirable asset. Arthur Salvatore is extremely enthusiastic about the Truth line stage ánd has reviewed it extensively. .
Hi whacky Are you still pleased with the Primaluna Dialogue HP + DI combo? I will get my DI in around 10 days and are looking for a good matching amplifier. I once had tubes and I am missing that kind of sound. The sound of music (:
Also what are you using for digital playback?
I'm not the one you are asking but I believe this one:

I settled on a little known bespoke pre-amp called the Truth from the Horn Shoppe
I know nothing about it just wanted to give you an answer.