Parasound vs Emotiva

I'm currently running an Emotiva A300 into my near field desktop system consisting of an isolation transformer feeding a Gustard X26 Pro dac into a topping Pre 90 preamplifier into the bas X a300 into a pair of Emotiva T zero. The amp is high passed at 80 hz via my pair of Emotiva S8 subwoofers. The source is Playstation 5.


The system sounds incredible. Textured, resolute, musical, clear as a bell, tight as a drum, yet warm, it's very very nice I assure you! Dimensional, Soundstage, often times quite holographic.


My only gripe is the a300 doesn't command the low end or provide a lot of bass punch like my NC400 Ncores did. (Those amps were also flat out incredible but I dont have anymorr).


I have a Parasound A23+ on the way. It is 4 times the price of the Emotiva. Both class AB, both around the same weight, both around the same power rating.


I'm a little nervous because I am listening to my system right now and it just sounds so good. I'm expecting a stronger low end with the Parasound, but not sure what else to expect.


Guess we will find out in a few days!