Parasound vs. Arcam

For multichannel amps, which would you prefer? Feel free to suggest alternatives for a 5.1 channel system. I prefer a warm to neutral sound vs. something on the bright or cold side. Also open to a 5-channel multi for the center, rear, zone2 and a another 2-channel amp for the fronts.

This will be for a new, updated system with Gallo Reference 3s in the front, Def Techs in the rear and not yet settled on my center channel. Waiting to hear the Gallo before upgrading my B&W LCR600.

Pre/Pro-wise, I'm leaning towards the Anthem 30, but again feel free to make suggestions at that price point.

I wouldn't trade my B&K for an Arcam receiver for HT and I use Parasound separates in my analog setup. However, I also have an Arcam DV-89 in the HT setup.
I use B&K with Def Techs all the way around. I'd start there but...I'd try the Arcam before the Parasound though.