Parasound to CODA

Currently using a Parasound A21 amplifier to power my Legacy Audio Signature SE's. Great amp, a little too large for a Salamander cabinet, but besides that, it works great.

Anyway, Legacy Audio strongly recommended that I take a look at CODA amplifiers. Ideally, I think they're referring to the 15.1, which would provide 100 watts of Class A power. Needless to say, that's WAY out of my budget. The next option would be the TS Stereo. Would it be that beneficial to upgrade my Parasound A21 to a CODA TS Stereo?
Coda has a CS on fleabay for $3400 or Best Offer.... Definite improvement over the Parasound in my book, but with the money coming out of your pocket, easy for me to say.
What is it about the Parasound A21 that makes you look for something else? I have been considering the Parasound for my own system. It was someone at Von Schweikert that suggested the Parasound.