Parasound's new Halo integrated

Hi group,
I'm seriously interested in Parasound's new integrated. Has anyone heard it? I've never heard a Parasound product and unfortunately don't have a dealer in town.

The new Halo has power and an ESS Sabre reference DAC, which I find very attractive.

My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand SE's; speaker cable is Kimber Monocle XL.

Any insight you have would be appreciated.
What do you have now, and what improvements do you expect to get with the upgrade?
i'm interested in this piece, too--it looks like a helluva lot of power (stable at 2ohm) and features for the price--inboard dacs, bass mgmt., etc.
I find that for some reason, the integrated amp is the runt of the audio world for some reason. Most people go the whole way for the separates, or just stick with the receiver.
I currently have a Rega Elicit-R integrated; what I'm hoping for is more power/current to bring the best out of those speakers.
I think the amp may be a bit outmatched by the Viennas; I have a larger space and would like an amp that would fill it with ease.

I find the Parasound attractive, but I'm also open to other suggestions.
Look into a Peachtree 220se integrated amp.
It's good that you listed your Rega. I haven't heard the model you have, but I've only seen positive comments on it. I suspect it would be an excellent sounding amp. One of the things you may want to consider if you upgrade to the Parasound, is that you won't be just getting more power. You'll be getting a different sounding amp. For me, at least, that's extremely important. And which amp is better is just personal preference. So my advice would be to demo the Parasound before you buy it. When you are replacing an amp as nice as the Rega, its much easier to make a mistake.
You're so right. The Elicit-R has been wonderful. (You should go hear one.)
In my space, with my speakers, it needs a bit more power.
I'm in no hurry to make a move. I'm very interested in making the right move.
All options are on the table for me: I have a vintage Yamaha C-70 preamp scheduled for a restoration in August; I could pair that up with a fine amp. Also looking at good options from Bel Canto, Wyred4Sound. Arcam's A49 also intrigues me.
I cannot speak on the brands you mention, although I do use a Parasound Halo preamp. It's solid with nice features and sounds OK, I've got no complaints. But, from your description it sounds like you may be ready for separates. In my personal experience moving up from an integrated to separates was a major step up. Just an increase in power, finesse, bass control, I'm sure there are many fine integrated Amps out there, but once I went with separates I could never go back.
I have read before that VA speakers open up with more power, and taking a quick look at the specs of your speakers it looks like you're right in pursuing more power. At 86dB sensitivity and a drop to 2.3 Ohms at 90Hz (as per Stereophile) it's easy to see how a lower-powered amp might run out of steam. On paper the Halo looks like potentially a good choice, but, as stated before, in the end it comes down to if it's sonic properties work for your tastes. Another integrated that would appear to be able to drive your speakers and is generally highly regarded is the Hegel H300, so that may also be worth considering if a used one comes available and if reviews indicate it has sonic properties that meet with your tastes. If it doesn't work out you can likely sell it for little loss assuming you don't overpay for it (or any other integrated for that matter). Personally I'd rather buy an amp used and be able to hear it in my system than buy something new and not (although if you find a dealer with a generous return policy and shipping fees aren't prohibitive that's obviously another way to go, which may well be the case with the Halo). Best of luck in your search.