Parasound power cable question?

I recently bought a Parasound HCA-1203A here on Audiogon and it included a PC that looks like it came from a computer. It states in the manual that a "Custom designed audiophile-grade AC power cord" is included in the Special Features. My other Parasound amp, bought used, didn't include a cord for comparison. Are these guys keeping the good cords? The cord that came with the 1203 has this on it: E 41542 LL 14903 SVT 3x18 awg FT2. I know that 3x18awg is the size, but that's it. Anyone with direct knowledge or insight? Thanks
Parasound used to include a fairly normal looking cord that said "Wonderful" on the wire itself. It was a pretty darned good cord.......It beat up an aftermarket cord that retailed for $60 in tests here and was close to the Asylum DIY cord......The Wonderful cord was a 14/3 BTW so draw your own conclusions.....
The 18 gauge cord is definitely not optimal for a large power amp. It will work, but it will compromise the sound of the amp.

I still use Parasound's "Wonderful" cord on a Parasound transport and as Rcrump says, it is quite good for a stock cord. I've had good results using Monarchy Audio's stock 14 gauge cords too.

Recently, I installed Signal Cable's 10 gauge power cable on my Parasound PLD-2000 preamp and it is performing to a very high level. I believe Signal Cable offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Here's a link if you're interested: