Parasound P5, Nad C165 or integrated amp?

Hi, I am in between the Parasound Halo P5 or the Nad C165Bee. This will be used for vinyl cd/SACD only. Which one Do you think suites better? It is going to be used with a 50-70 watt Nad or Parasound amplifier and a pair of Atlantic technology At-1 or AT-2's.
If I'm going for an integrated system, I like the Arcam A19, Creek 50A or the Yamaha A-S2000. Would you go for a separate or an integrated system taking into consideration the ones listed here? Do you think this would make any sound improvement over my current sound system: Nad 326bee, Nad 245bee 4 channel amp (for biamping a pair of PSB's Image T6), Nad C446bee cd player, Nad C446 media streamer and a Musical Fidelity M1DAC?
Thanks for your help..
Hi. Believe it or not I have exactly the same NAD system in one room, and the Arcam A19 with a pair of AT-2's, Arcam CD38 and a Pro-Ject Expression turntable (everything from the Arcam system interconnected with Kimber Heroes and Silver Streak cables) in another room.
Even with the PSB T6 speakers or the AT-1's biwired, I feel the Arcam sounds better. To me, this is the perfect system for a medium size room.
That's great, Musicbox74! Thanks for posting your impressions. It's nice to hear how the A19 compares to other well regarded gear. I love my A19. I think it is an outstanding piece of equipment and Arcam has come up with something pretty special with it. I hope to pair mine with Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2s soon.
Totally different experience with the Arcam A19 and the
Focal 807W. While the bass was so so, the highs sounded like
brushed. With the NAD C356 just a great sound. Will upgrade with C165/275.