Parasound P5

It appears Parasound will be releasing a new preamp in the Halo line named the P5. It is to have a built in dac which seems to be a first for Parasound. Does anybody have any additional details and/or information on this?
Supposed to be available early Spring for appx $1400. The P5 has six unbalanced inputs (including phono), one balanced input, single-ended and balanced outputs, and dual single-ended subwoofer outputs. There are also three digital inputs (optical, coax, and asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB), which access an onboard DAC that's said to offer "higher levels of performance than currently offered by the Zdac." The P5 also handles bass management by offering dedicated high- and low-pass crossover networks for both the main left and right channels, as well as both subwoofers. There are dials on the rear panel for manual fine-tuning of each crossover.
In addition to the DAC, it includes analog bass management, USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs, a selectable phono stage and fully balanced inputs and outputs -including one for a subwoofer.

Info from:
andrew-robinson online (photos here too)
I heard about this stereo pre too, and it sounds like a pretty good option. I like the idea of a DAC in the mix. I'd been considering the P7, but since I only need the 2 channels, it seemed like overkill to get it, although some have gone that route with good success.

When I heard they P3 was coming to an end, I hoped they had something in the works.
I just noticed that Robinson mentions in that first link that the P5 will go for around 1000. Also didn't realize that the XLR inputs are fully balanced.

With a release looming in the spring, I'm really interested.
Paul at Parasound recently informed me the P-5 has been pushed back from June to September for release due to a bug that has been corrected for production and the price is still set at $1500.00. If the P-5 performs as good as their previous flagship the PLD-2000 which I owned at one time then they truely have a winner.
That's interesting. Over at AVS, a poster by the name of Bill Mac got an email from Richard himself relating several features, and that the P5 would go for 950. Mind you, that email was from April 25, and perhaps things have changed since then. I hesitate to copy the email or link to it as I'm not sure what the rules are here.

I need a good phono section and a DAC, which seems a rare combination in a pre. I'm hoping for September as it was initially slated for a spring release.
Runnin, you are correct: the P 5 will retail for $950.

Built-in DAC with optical, coax, and asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB inputs
Fully adjustable high and low pass crossovers
Front panel subwoofer level control
Home theater bypass mode
Six unbalanced inputs (including phono) and one balanced input
Unbalanced and balanced outputs
Dual unbalanced subwoofer outputs

Dealer disclosure.
To further add to the mix, Wyred 4 Sound released a stereo pre with DAC earlier this year. I just found out about it and it retails for 1099. Also Peachtree now has one, though it's more limited in connectivity and is a hybrid tube variety, for 1120. Neither of these have a phono section however.
Runnin is correct regarding the update on the P-5. Spoke to Richard Schram last Thursday and the retail price is firmly set at $950.00 and will start shipping the first week of September. John Curl was not involved with the P-5 or its phono stage.
Sweet, that's good news. It's a great package of features and everything I'm looking for to go with my Halo A21. Should be mine by Christmas.
Good news, the Parasound P5 is up on the Parasound site. Apparently it can be pre-ordered, and it comes in black too.
It is too bad the P-5 has been scaled back from the original prototype from last winter. When the price was originally set at $1500.00, the unit weighed 23 pounds and the current final version weighs 14 pounds. Since 1992 I have owned three Parasound Preamps, the P-FET 900 MKII, the PLD-2000, and the P-3. I recently heard a Preamp from Onkyo that smokes the Parasound Pre's, the Onkyo P-3000R which retails for $1695.00 and can be purchased at a lower price. The Onkyo is superior to the Musical Fidelity and Pass Preamps that I have owned in the past. The Onkyo weighs just under 25 pounds and is sexy as hell with its satin black finish. It comes with a MM phono stage, has a built in Burr-Brown DAC with USB or XLR input. Has bass and treble controls and a headphone jack. I heard the piece just over a week ago and my jaw dropped from the sound quality. Very pure, ultra clean clarity with a dimensional holographic space typically found in very high priced Preamps. Very smooth with a pleasant warm character.
While price is not the best indication for a component's performance, in this case I will have to agree with Audiozen regarding the P5. They have tried to combine too many things into that preamp and that price is unbelievable. I hope I am totally wrong and the P5 is a killer amp and deal of the century.
Well, W4S did it at that price. Peachtree has a similar unit. Sure if you want to spend more you can get more performance, but everybody has their own budget comfort level I guess. BTW, the JC2 is 24 lbs, it seems kind of unusual that they'd build a P5 to 23 lbs at 1500, almost 1/3 the price.

The 2100 has been regarded as a good entry level preamp, and the P3 was a step up. Since it was replaced with the P5, one would assume the P5 would be tweaked to have superior performance. I'll be giving it a shot to go with my A21.
Ouch!!...just spoke to Joe at Audio Advisor who informed me that the P-5 has been pushed back again for release to late October/early November. Parasound blew it and should have never announced release dates which they have done three times since December. It would've been better if the cow was out of the barn first before announcing the P-5.
Any thoughts on why they would build the P5 to almost the exact same weight as the JC2 for only 1500? Was it another one of your contacts who told you this? Why was he so far off? I doubt Parasound would have started off with such a hefty unit and then basically go back to the drawing board and pop out a unit in well under a year. It just doesn't make logistical sense.
Hi Audiozen: I've been looking at that Onkyo for a while now. It's really that good, huh? Would you say it outperforms the Bryston BP6 that I currently use? Is it a safe buy from say, Amazon? I haven't seen it at a lower price except from accessories 4 less, but those a refurbished units. Let's hope Onkyo doesn't discontinue this unit anytime soon...unless they come out with a better one.
I see the Onkyo also has upsampling and a pure direct button.

Very few preamps have this kind of functionality. The only ones I can think of at the moment are Accuphase and McIntosh, and those are much, much more.

Is the Onkyo a case of don't let the low price fool you?
The Onkyo has a lot going for it at its price that is unmatched anywhere on the market at this time and will easily hold its own against Preamp's in the $10K range. Its that good and is truely a best value component with its patented low distortion technology, and beefy power supply with two transformers. Hook it up to a pair of D-Sonic M3-600M mono amps,(Abletec Amps), 600 watts per channel at $1950.00 a pair, designed by the current leader of Class D technology in Europe, Patrik Bostrom, and you will have the best value combo on the market.
Parasound JC2 and Jeff Rowland Capri fall in the $10k range. I have not heard any of the preamps discussed here. But I have reservations that the Onkyo is as good as those two - at least from online reviews.
I only stated the P-3000R can hold its own against Preamps in the $10K range. I have heard the JC2 and have owned the previous flagship Parasound, the PLD-2000. Parasound's Preamps designed by John Curl are too darn cold sounding in the upper frequencies for my taste. Parasound amps have always been better than their Preamps. There are marginal differences in the $3K to $10K range for a Preamp. You have to factor in the more exotic chassis designs with their milled solid block metals and far more expensive cover's, and higher quality connectors. But once you start soaring above $10K, then its a whole different ball game. I would not use an Onkyo amp with the P-3000R. A better quality amp would do it justice such as the Abletec from D-Sonic to bring out the best from the Onkyo.
Audiozen: Wow, it compares to 10k preamps? Nice! I believe I'll be looking in to actually getting one. I was thinking of getting a Pass Labs X350.5 amp, so do you think the Onkyo preamp would go good with the Pass Labs amp?
Dave_72..there should be no problem pairing the Onkyo to the Pass amp which has a low input impedance of 20 Kohms.
Onkyo pairs their M5000R amp with the P-3000R Preamp. The M5000R has a lower input impedance of only 10 Kohms and works well with the P-3000R which has an output impedance of 330 ohms. No problem.
Audiozen: Ok, thank you for that! Much appreciated. :)
Yeah, they make a matching cd player too, get all three! LOL
Well, if I get that preamp, I was going to run my old Onkyo DX-7555 directly into the DAC. I might as well use it while it's there. :)
Dave_72..What speaker's are you using?
Dave_72..There is a Onkyo P-3000R for sale on Gon out of Minnesota in brand new condition. Was purchased in June with very little use. Selling for $1000.00. It would be wise of you to snatch that puppy for the price.
Audiozen: Click on 'System' to view my entire system, speakers included! As for the $1000 Onkyo preamp, I wish I was ready to buy that...not yet! Getting closer every day though! :)
Just noticed on the Parasound web page that sales of the P5 have them in a sold out situation. They are trying to meet demand but there might be some short term delays. They appear to have hit a sweet spot in the market place.