Parasound P/LD-2000, strengths and weaknesses?

As you may know I am putting together a relatively budget set-up for my basement.
A couple of friends turned me on to the Parasound P/LD-2000 linestage preamp, so I am purchasing a mint used one.
A freind said it shared some of the sonic qualities of the new Parasound Halo JC-2 preamp.
The new Parasound Halo JC-2 preamp is very intriguing, but it way out of my price range at the moment.
My questions are:
What are the Parasound P/LD-2000 preamps greatest sonic strengths compared to other solid-state preamps?
What are its weaknesses compared to other solid-state preamps?
In what ways, if any, is it sonically similar ro the JC-2 preamp?
In what ways is the JC-2 preamp sonically superior to the P/LD-2000?
Is the P/LD-2000 a total failure compared to the JC-2, or does it hold its own fairly well?
Thanks so much.
I'll make one observation, in case no one else answers this thread. I have not heard either of the preamps in question. However, the PLD 2000 is a John Curl design, as is the JC-2. It therefore will most likely have most of the benefits of his design work, which include discrete Class A circuitry, short signal paths and careful attention to using good parts and a well-designed power supply. It was designed to a price point, so that some of the parts may not be of quite the same quality as in the current design (and some parts have gotten better in the past few years), but the basic engineering is sound and that should get you a long way to having a similar sound quality to the higher-priced new model. You likely will not get quite the resolution or refinement of the new model, and the work of John's other collaborators for the JC-2 (including the late Bob Crump) added a level of refinement that the PLD will not be able to match, but I would be surprised if it was a "total failure".
C'mon guys,
surely someone out there has owned or compared both the JC-2 and the P/LD-2000 preamps to one another!
If you have both, had them both in the past, or have compared both, please share their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to one another, and how well the 2000 stacks up against the JC-2.
Thanks again.
The biggest weakness of the PLd 2000 is the tinny power supply. Replace it with a big 400 watter, and the 2000 will come to life.

You mean the power transformer itself is small, instead of the power supply, don't you?
The power supply itself is huge, and has almost 92,000 uF of storage capacitance.
Also, do you mean a transformer rated at 400 VA instead of 400 watts?