Parasound P/LD-2000 or Halo P-3 Preamp

Has anyone compared the P/LD-2000 preamp against
the Halo P-3 preamp? Which is better?
I know the answer to this thread well, as I have extensively compared them.
Unfortunately, I will not tell you anything for 3 reasons:
1. You question my hearing abilities.
2. You make me out to be a liar.
3. Your smart ass attitude towards me.
If you are in so big with the "Parasound boys" or "play golf with Richard Schram" like you claimed in another Parasound P/LD-2000 thread, why don't you ask them?
See my response in the Parasound P/LD-2000 thread.
OK Daltonlanny. Your point is well taken. Yes, I did
jump the gun, made statements that were uncalled for,
and for that my deepest apologies. I never " claimed "
to play golf with Richard Schram, the line was written
as a joke. And your hearing? Right on the money!
I purchased my first Parasound preamp/amp combo back
in '92. The P/FET 900 preamp was a Curl design and was
bright on the top end. I eventually sold the gear and
switched to a Counterpoint system. I have read reviews
on your Sony player, it has amazing accuracy, but is
on the cool side. This is why I made the comment on
the thread that if one has a bright system, use a warm
source to balance out the problem. This is why I suggested
the Marantz pro studio player, the PMD 325. You can buy
it for about $ 400. But don't let the price fool you.
It is warm, smooth, very analog. I am ready to buy a
P/LD-2000 from a private seller who purchased from the
last batch in '98. I own a Halo P-3, which was designed
in Finland. The midrange detail ain't all that great,
and my P/FET 900 years ago had superior echo decay over
the P-3. A friend of mine is at CEDIA and will provide
me a cut sheet of the new JC-2 preamp when he returns.
If anyone wants a copy please let me know.
While the P-3 is a good preamp for the money and maybe alittle above, the P/LD-2000 has quite a bit better midrange detail, high frequency extension, bass extension and power, and better dynamics than the P-3. The 2000 also has better soundstaging and spaciousness than the P-3.
The P-3 is a slightly smoother and more laid-back sounding preamp, but the 2000 is more detailed top to bottom, IMHO, and in my system. Results may vary in other systems.