Parasound P/LD-2000

I have an opportunity to purchase a used Parasound P/LD-2000 preamp. Does anyone have some insight on this unit? I can't seem to find too much information on this pre.

Ask Daltonlanny, a member. I believe he has one. Supposedly very well built and running with a Class A output stage. Not a looker, but sonically very decent.
Maybe you should search at the Asylum Forum. This pre was the top unit from Parasound several years ago. I used to use a PLD/1500, which was a good unit, but I sell it and buy a McCormack RLD-1. I think the 2000 was a $1,500 unit on it's days and could be have for around $450-550 now.

Good luck.
The P/LD 2000 is a masterpiece. Inside are gold plated
boards. All twenty relay switches are 24K gold plated.
Vishay and Caddock resistors. All silver internal wiring.
S/N level is at 120 db's. {WOW!!} A true dual mono design.
This is the best preamplifier ever made under Two grand.
And now the frosting on the cake. 92,0000 microfarads of
storage capacitance!!! It is very very rare to find one
for sale.
Don't forget that the unit also has lots of high quality Black Gate and Nichicon capacitors...stock!
The internal wiring is actually silver-plated copper.
This preamp has TONS of sonic potential!
Another note:
Parasound is currently working on another preamp based heavily on the P/LD-2000, that uses even higher quality parts and better circuit lay-outs. It will be called the JC-2. It was designed by CTC Builders...John Curl, Bob Crump, and Carl Thompson, the guys who designed the JC-1 monoblocks. The P/LD-2000 was used as a prototype to design the JC-2.
According to Parasound, it should be available late this year or early next year.
Daltonlanny, there are several inaccuracies in your post. Parasound has not said anything of the sort. I should know since I'm a Parasound Halo dealer.
Dear Mr. Walsh,
I am going by what both Bob Crump and Richard Schram told me in emails to me personally!
Are you saying that they are liars, or that I am a liar?
I do not appreciate your tone.
Daltonlanny, I suggest what happens in Las Vegas stays there until the unit is introduced. Yes the unit is being designed by CTC, but it is a long way from production. We were contracted by Parasound well over a year ago, but things are not moving very fast..........It will become a product when it is finished, not before........

Bob Crump
CTC Builders
Hey Brian Walsh, what so called inaccuracies are you referring to in daltonlannys post?
I have been told the exact same things in various emails by Schram, Crump, and others.
Mr. Schram personally told me in an email that they were still getting the prototype JC-2 ready for production, and hopefully the JC-2 would be ready for sale late this year or early next year. He and Crump said that it is indeed designed by CTC Builders as well.
Mr. Crump has also told me in a past e-mail that the Parasound P/LD-2000 was being used as a prototype for the JC-2, and that the JC-2 prototype looked very similar to the P/LD-2000 on the inside.
He also said the JC-2 would be an all FET, dual-mono, Class A, design with higher quality parts and circuit layouts than the 2000.
He said he would voice the final prototype, and it would have a similar voice as the JC-1 monoblock amps.
I do not see any innaccuracies in daltonlannys post at all, unless the info that I and he were given was also false?
Daltonlanny, I surely don't appreciate being called a liar and imagine you don't either. I meant no disrespect, but my post stands. I have nothing to add at this time other than to say if and when such a unit is ready to be introduced Parasound will do so formally, and that no one else can speak for them.
I only stated what I was told. I fabricated absolutely nothing...
My post stands as well.
Several days ago I asked Daltonlanny if we consider selling his P/LD 2000, since he had planned to buy the
JC-2. I asked him when he purchased the piece and he wrote back that he bought it several months ago. I Discovered a
post he wrote on Audiogon over a year ago that he owns a
P/LD 2000. That sure is more than several months ago. It has always been a strict policy by manufactuers in this industry never to disclose any info prior to production to
protect their design from competitors and to prevent a
consumer rush. Mr. Dalton needs to slow down and cool his hot temper. The JC-2 will have the features of the P/LD
2000 and thats it. The high end piece that is a prototype
for the JC-2 is far more expensive than the P/LD 2000 which is why the JC-2 will retail at least a thousand dollars more. Mr. Dalton is not a dealer and does not play
golf with Richard Schram. I would take his statements with
a grain of salt.
Hey King tut,
Why in the hell don't you mind your own business and get a life.
I told you in an email the other day to basically mind your own business and to not bother me anymore...well, here you go again!
I told you where I got my information, and you still make me out as a liar! Unbelievable!
I do not have time for your crap.
I take EVERYTHING you say with a grain of salt as well, and I recommend everyone else out there do the same!
Nuff said!
King tut, I hate to burst your bubble, but I was told the exact same things by the exact same individuals that daltonlanny was. Sounds to me like certain people need to get their stories straight...
By the way, tut, I have owned more than one P/LD-2000 in the last year or two.
Another thing, if the P/LD-2000 is such a "Masterpiece" as you state in your earlier post on this thread, why don't you own one?
Why were you wanting to buy mine?
Sounds like a grain of salt to me.
Why I didn't own a P/LD 2000? At the time the unit was on the market, I had a far more costly system in my home
consisting of all Counterpoint components, Camber speakers,
a pro studio Denon player, and MIT cables. The quality of
that system was head and shoulders above Parasound.
You seem to make alot of contradictions King_tut.
First, you claim the P/LD-2000 is a masterpiece, then we hear you don't even own one.
Then you say that you want to buy one.
You then claim there are preamps out there that are "head and shoulders above the Parasound".
Why would you want to find one and buy it if this is true?
You claim in this thread that you play golf with Richard Schram, but, in a personal e-mail to me you claim that you are fortunate enough to be connected to one of Richard Schrams closest friends which is a Parasound dealer! So which is it?
You also stated that one of John Curls top three preamps of all times was going to be upgraded and become the JC-2...NO WAY!
Curls current top preamp design is the hand built CTC Builders "Blowtorch" preamp which retails for at least $15,000.00! I cannot imagine the Blowtorch being "upgraded" to become a Parasound JC-2!
Now in another thread you are wanting to know how the Parasound P/LD-2000 and the Parasound Halo P-3 compare to one another. Jeez, if the P/LD-2000 is such a "masterpiece" you should know the answer to that one.
Finally, you claim that Burr-Brown DAC's are bright and "scream like a witch"...nonsense!
I have a Linn Unidisc universal player that uses the best Wolfson DAC's. Daltonlanny has a modified Toshiba SD-4960 that uses Burr-Brown DAC's.
In all instances, the Toshiba with the Burr-Browns is smoother, more analog-like, and has more inner detail than my Linn!
I have also compared my Linn to an Esoteric DV-50 which uses the Burr-Brown 1738 DAC's. While I preferred my Linn by a slight margin, the DV-50 was slightly smoother, more laid-back, and sounded slightly warmer and more analog like.
Hello; I own & use a 2000 P/ld I has come some way now since it was new. 2 areas of refinement were 1- the power supply and 2- the feedback circuit. Some small changes to 1 & 2 enhanced the preamp nicely, musically speaking. The remote control feature is icing on the cake...
I just couldn't help but want to jump into an old argument. I've got a JC-2 nah, na, na na, na! It's awesome as well as sexy. I couldn't help but be entertained with this thread though.

For anybody still reading this, go to, click on the JC-2, go to reviews, and read Max Dudious's review for comparisons to the 2000 P/LD and other previous iterations of the Parasound preamps.
What can I say,
I guess we were right about the JC-2.
It was NOT a rumor after all!
Yep, Ktatterbugaol has it. The power supply is the weak point on this pre; too small. add an outboard 500VA toroid power trans, and the thing really comes to life. Will cost you 50-60 bucks if you do it yourself.
Lol Audio_girl I just read this forum today and was thinking the same thing.