Parasound P/FET 900II vs. Nakamichi CA-5

I am seeking advise regarding the addition of a preamp to one of my 2 channel systems. My SP-3 tube amp lacks a phono input and I would like to add a preamp. I am looking at multi-input rather than just phono preamps in case I decide to use it on another system. I've located the two subject units for sale and would like to know if there is a compelling reason to choose one over the other. Your advise is appreciated.
I think the build quality of the Nakamichi will surprise you if you've never seen one in the flesh. The circuitry is beautifully laid out and I can vouch that it operates flawlessly into many different pieces of equipment without any annoyances unlike a few high end pieces I have seen. I think that it would be a piece that would seldom be found wanting in the audio sense and the controls are silky to boot- it's very underrated imo.
Trevor from Oz
Second Treuben and his thoughts.Its a gem,go for it,Bob
Many thanks for the inputs. When I didn't see any responses for almost a week, I kind of blew off the two subject preamps. As my research continued, I ran across a Quad 99 preamp that intrigued me. Ultimately, I purchased the Quad.