Parasound or McCormack Transport?

I am trying to decide between the Parasound CBD2000 and the mcCormack SST-1. Both are same price. Any thoughts??

I have a monarchy audio 18B DAC.

Also, I would like to add the sonic frontiers SFT-1
I have only heard the McCormack once and the system is was in sounded good, but the rest of the equipment was not familiar, so I am not sure how much the transport contributed.
I have owned a Parasound CBD-2000 for about 3 years and will not sell it and have no plans to even look for a replacement for it. Before getting it, I auditioned several transports and players: Counterpoint, Rotel, Cal Audio, Audio Alchemy, and Rega Planet. Only the Counterpoint was competitive with the Parasound, but it radiated RFI. The others weren't even close. I also own a Marantz CD-94, Radio Shack CD 3400 and the Stan Warren modified Aiwa players that I use or have used as transports. The Parasound is better than all of them. The only other transport I have heard that is competitive with the Parasound is the Theta Data Basic, but I am not sure if Theta still supports that product. I would also suggest you inquire about getting service on any unit before buying. I would think the Parasound is still serviceable, but I do not know about the McCormack.