Parasound or Forte

I'm trying to choose between two solid state
amps, the Parasound HCA 1000 and Forte Model 5
to run my 4 Ohm dynamic minimonitors. I also use subwoofer.

Both are rated at 200W into 4 Ohms, but I understand the
Forte 5 features higher bias current and runs several more Watts of Class-A before going to class AB operation. I read it haslower overall feedback and is a simpler circuit.

The Parasound is a more recent model and supposedly
has better parts quality, but is a more complex design.

Have heard them in two seperate systems, but together.

I listen to Jazz & Classical, primarily acoustic music, but haven't been able to do any direct A/B comparisons yet.

Any opinions?

Get the one with the biggest heat sinks or the one that weighs the most.
The Forte you should try to find is the Model 4. It is a pure Class A version of the Model 5 and is generally recognized as a far better-sounding amplifier. As far as between the two you mentioned, both have reputations as good amps, you might go with the one that is in better shape (Forte used to be part of Threshold, don't know if it has much product support beyond a local tech who can work on it).
Actually Forte Model 4 is the Class A version of Model 6. (Not Model 5) I used to own a Model 6. I believe it's a Nelson Pass design. There was an article in Stereophile about the Model 4 and 6. Basically, he designed the Model 4 in pure class A, and the company wanted to put out a product with higher power rating, so he converted the Model 4 to Class AB to give it a 200WPC output.

Frank, thanks for the correction. The print in those old issues is so small I had trouble recalling the number. :^) It looks like the 5 is also an AB design, from the description given above.
Thanks for the response.
Actually, the Forte models 4,5,6 & 7 used IGBT's and
were all done after Nelson Pass left the company. I believe it was Michael Bladelius who deigned these (he did design work with Threshold & later with CODA).
I'm iterested in hearing from anyone who has compared this amp (model 5) to other amps.
I've never heard the model 5, but I did audition a model 4 which was an amp I was after. I liked it so much I went home with a Threshold T-100 (with IGBT's), designed by Michael Bladelius the same time the model 4's were. I later purchased a Parasound HCA (don't remember the #) for the bedroom, and it basically sounded like a Japanese receiver, so I got what I payed for. If you like Michael B's work, check out Primare. He was doing design work for them the last few years until recently, I believe.
The Forte Model#6 can easily be converted to the Class A version, (mine is) the 4+6 are pretty much the same amp. I have heard my amp in the 200 watt class A A/B version and in the lower watt Class A version.
The lower watt class A version is much, much better.
I believe the Model #5 is not as high current as the #4 or #6. I believe I also have the specs. for the model 5 in my manual at home, I will take a closer look when I get home.
I have used my Modded Class A #6 with maggies MG1 imp. and resently with Eminent Technology 8A which are 83 dB and the Forte worked great with them.
If you want I can post the specs for the Model 5 later.
It wasn't in my Manual, it was the model #4,#6 + #55 that I have.
But I do have a copy of Stereo Review Buyers Guide for 1992 which has the Forte Model#5 in it.
"Noninverting design, employs IGBT transistors at output stage. Fet/bipolar front end design: gain stage in pure Class A. High bias Class A/B output stage, 100 watts per ch, into 8 ohms. glass expoxy circut boards, custom toroidal power Transformers, 0.1% THD 20-20,000 Hz; slew rate 50v input imp;47,000 ohms, current capability 10 amps cont; 30 amps peak. 26 lbs retail $1,295.
Model #4+6 current 16 amps cont; 50 amps peak
Thanks everyone for your responses. I've finally
gone with the Forte, which I A/B'd against
the Parasound and another audiophile amp. The
Forte has more top end detail and a deeper
soundstage than the Parasound. It sounds better
in my setup. Thanks again for your assistance.
I have a review with Nelson Pass in a 92(?) Stereophile. He said that the input stage on the Forte amplifiers had some of his circuits but Michael Bladelius was the primary designer.

The Model 5 is a 100w version of the 6, 7 was a monoblock version of the 4 that produced 75w. The other Forte amplifiers were MOSFET based I believe.