Parasound JC3+ making buzzzzzzz

So I've moved my JC3+ phono pre over to my single ended Decware tube integrated rig. It's a low power SET set up with high efficiency speakers whereas the old system was a balanced BAT VK3ix preamp with Theil CS2.4 speakers.   I've also gone from a Dynavector 20x2L to a Soundsmith Carmen Mk2 cart. 

The he problem is I'm now getting this buzzy hum when the preamp is on.  It gets more pronounced when the needle is on the record playing during a quite passage or just sitting at the end on the Q-up.  The TT is grounded which makes no difference, nor does adding a cheater plug the phono pre.

I did not have any issues when I ran balanced interconnects to my BAT pre, but now running single ended I'm getting its noise. 

I've tried so many things to no avail, but I'm open to suggestions. 

BTW my DAC doesn't make any noise, it all definately comes from the TT side of things. 
I suppose its only with the turntable?....  If the balanced cable cures the problem, why use it single ended?....  Have you tried a different wall socket for the pre? ..turntable? Does this happen with the turntable plugged/unplugged? 
I moved my Ayre phono amp too close to some other equipment and got a nasty buzz. Just move your phono preamp until it doesn't buzz. Remember, a phono amp is designed to amplify extremely minute signals so it must be sensitive.
Stringreen,. I've tried all of that. As an experiment I was going to get xlr to RCA adaptor and run it from the xlr outs on the phono pre to the single ended at the integrated to see if that would cut the noise, but I'm pretty sure that won't work.