Parasound JC3+ compared to Pass Labs XP-15

I am looking to either purchase a Parasound JC3+ or Pass Labs XP-15 phono stage to complement a Rega RP-8 turntable. Parasound updated their JC3 in the spring so perhaps it may be very competitive now with the XP-15. Would love to hear from folks who may have heard the JC3+ and XP-15 in their system. Particularly interested in how they compared in regards to dynamics,pace,transparency what they do with voices. Thanks
I'm a huge Parasound fan quite simply because of 15+ years of positive interaction with their team. I own a pair of JC1s, some 5 CH amps/preamp (in a HT room). Technically...Halo stuff (JC series) is VERY quiet, accurate audio gear. two cents.
Parasound might have a great team but after listening to their JC3+ I'd buy something else. Have not heard the Pass XP-15 but even so I'd get the Pass.