Parasound JC3+

I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced this new(ish) equipment piece from Parasound. I like what I have read so far and it has the functionality features I am in need of for my phono stage, I'd just like to hear from anyone who has experienced it firsthand...

I have it and like it a lot. I haven't experienced many phono stages so I don't have much to compare to except a Decware ZP3 tube phono stage and I thought it was too noisy.

I had an Audible Illusions preamp with the John Curl phono stage built in. I don't have the AI anymore but the phono stage was fantastic. Thats why I went with another John Curl phono. The only time I heard any noise with the JC3+ was when I had the gain set incorrectly otherwise solid black back ground, no noise.

@lancelock thanks. I too had an Audible Illusions with the John Curl phono stage. Loved it. 

If you need an MM phono stage I can recommend that Graham Amp  2 SE.  It is inexpensive, as these things go in our hobby at  about $400.  I really like it, a giant killer in me estimation.
@mechans thanks, but, no, I need something that can easily switch between MC & MM and has adjustable gain for MC. I also need to have a mono switch. I am looking for some great detail to match with the other components in my setup.

"I found it to be noisy for a SS phono unit."

Then your unit was defective.  Did you try exchanging it?