Parasound JC2 vs Modwright 36.5

I have a modwright ns9100es as my CD player and parasound amp. I have heard great things about both the Parasound JC2 and Modwright 36.5 preamps. Does anyone have any comments about the difference in them. Many thanks in advance
familiar w/ both units. both are terrific, neither is perfect, but one would be better than others in most applications.

modwright: sweet unit, highly musical, bit more tube bloom, very easy to listen to, not as detailed, dynamic or delineated in staging as the JC2 (per use of output trannys to balance signal). NOTE: if you add the o/b power supply, it will improve the bloominess in the bass & dynamic response and make it a contender in SOTA circles. would be preferred in systems w/ listening fatigue, CD as primary source, but a safe rec most anywhere.

JC2: very detailed, dynamic (per low s/n ratio), excellent staging, little cool / more neutral (ie not as inherently musical as MW) and not very extended in the bass. would be preferred in rigs needing a bit more clarity & pop.

in both pieces, meeting a price point compromises bass extension. such is life. i could easily live w/ either. instead, i use the einstein tube, which is considerably better than both.
Thank you ryno for your response. Based on the price of the Einstein, it should be considerable better ;-) If you are the same Rhyno who reviewed the Modwright in Dagogo, I'm surprised you did not give the Modwright more props. I did not see a review of the Parasound at Dagogo.

Again, Thanks.