Parasound JC2 pre a good match for Pass X150.5 ?


New and very inexperienced here. I was originally going to buy a Parasound A21 amp and Parasound JC2 preamp, bought the JC2 and changed my mind and have an offer on a Pass Labs X150.5 instead - will these match well together? I have 2 sets of speakers - Dali Ikon 7 and Magnepan 1.6 though I am not sure if the X150.5 will be enough to drive the Magnepans.....any info on this.

Many Thanks
I would have stayed with the X250.5 verses that of the X150.5. The power would have pushed the 1.6's into a new world ...........
Just curious,did you hear the A21 with the JC2,if so,what didn't you like about the combination?
To Tpreaves - no, unfortunately but read fantastic reviews. Some weeks ago I read in an older issue of TAS where the reviewers were all asked to put together their best system under $5000 - this turned out to be Naim Nait5i, Cambridge Azur 840c (CD player) and Dali Ikon 6 speakers (I bought the 7s). My previous system cost a total of $500 and when I heard this new stuff I was dumbfounded. I am hooked like a drug addict now and want more and stronger drugs. I am still feeling my way a lot and to be honest I might be a little too impatient but I am loving the whole ride - the research, the forum and of course my music along with some nice people along the way.
Anyway, I think I have most of the puzzle put together and I live 200 miles from the nearest city so I have to figure it all out as best I can without the luxury of in-store demos.
I would not worry about getting the 250.5 over the 150.5, you will never even come close to driving the 150.5 to even half-way. The allure of extra power from the 250.5 is purely psychological. Re the JC-2, I have had problems in past with hum issues when connected to other brands (Not specifically with JC-2 but Halo gear in general). Even called Parasound for help and despite experimenting with "cheater plugs" etc, it did not resolve (the amp in that case was the A21). Just my experience...others may have different feelings
Thanks Upgrade. I am not so sure at the minute that the Pass X150.5 will be up to the task of driving the Maggies like I am sure the 250 would, hopefully it will be ok. Should be up and running within a week.
Thomas, I occasionaly run low power tubes with my MMG's. No problem. I can't see you not enjoying the 105.5 with the 1.6's.