Parasound JC2 compatibility with Quicksilver v4's

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I am new at the forum, thanks in advance for any feedback.

I was about to purchase a used pair of Quicksilver v4's when the dealer told me that my preamp (Parasound JC2) was not going to be good enough for those amps, therefore I will not get the sonic advantages of the V4's. I am a little confused by his comment (I like the JC2), maybe somebody can provide some advise. I am now running the Parasound JC2 with a pair of Monarchy SE 100's V2 or a pair of Monarchy SM 70 Pro's, depends on music/mood. 

I was also considering a pair of PrimaLuna monoblocks, I would like to have a good pair of tube monoblock amps.

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No matter what I think, I do agree with Charles. The only way to determine your preference is with your own ears.
Thank you everyone! I think it makes a lot of basic sense to bring the JC2 and try it with the QS's
Charles is correct. Take the preamp over and give it a try. The v4's are very unassuming but sound musical, natural, detailed. Just right. They do require good wire. And, I prefer them with KT 88s. I have tried several preamp as well as direct from my DAC. It took a CJ ET 5 to better the direct connection. Yet Quicksilver's line stage without the remote is another hidden secret. Get the amps and take your time finding the right preamp.

take your pre amp to the dealer/retailer for the ultimate decision on wether or not it sounds great.  I will add that a Conrad Johnson pre-amp would not hurt.  Happy Listening!