Parasound JC1s better using balanced inputs?

I am looking for a preamp for my JC1s and want to know if the amps have a noticable improvement is sound using the xlr inputs? I like a couple of tube preamps that do not have balanced outputs (VTL 2.5, cj pv14L). Would I be better off choosing one that does have xlrs(Bat 3i, Belles 21a)?
Possibly the JC2?

I have the JC1s and I drive them with a Pass Labs X1 through Balanced inputs and IMHO it sounds better than unbalanced
Obviously I tried both
I run mine balanced. I used a few tube pre's and ended up with a JC2 and really do not miss tubes at all...
Most equipment that is balanced sounds best when run balanced - that is how it was voiced. Of course, in order to fully enjoy the benefits of a balanced preamp and amp, your source equipment should be balanced as well.

It's important to note that much (if not most) audiophile equipment that includes XLR inputs or outputs is not in fact balanced in the sense of featuring a fully differential balanced circuit -- the circuit is single-ended -- and offers XLR connections merely for the convenience of users owning balanced cables. It should also be pointed out that many manufacturers do not believe balanced equipment is desirable - Herve Delatraz of darTZeel, for example, is quite outspoken in his opposition to balanced circuits. I run a balanced Rowland preamp with balanced interconnects to a darTZeel amp, but the XLR inputs in my darTZeel (Version B) are connected to input transformers for purposes of noise reduction, not a balanced circuit. I also have a VAC Renaissance 70/70 amp that is single-ended and has only single-ended inputs - I use Neutrix XLR-to-RCA convertors with the balanced interconnect from my Rowland to feed it.

Your Parasound IS a balanced amp (and a great amp, by the way). Audio Research, Sonic Frontiers, BAT, Rowland and, I think, AtmaSphere are manufacturers who offer truly balanced preamps. If you like balanced tube preamps, I saw a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 for sale this morning in A-Gon's classifieds.
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Thanks for your responses. I am looking in the price range around 1500.00 used. I will definatly be looking for a balanced preamp. I was considering the belles 21A or maybe a pass 2.5. I would love a JC2 but that is out of my price range for now. I do need a remote. Any other suggestions?