Parasound JC1 vs Plinius sb301

There is a lot of great press for both brands, but it doesn't seem like anybody has compared these two models. Used these are about the same price, and they both put out heat and make the utility companies happy.

I've got a pair of XRT 28 speakers and they are rated to 1200, so power is welcomed for dynamic passages and to provide some depth. 

I listen to everything from Dave Matthews to Pantera to Andreas Vollenweider, so I appreciate good sound across the entire spectrum and not just great bass or highs. 

For those who have listened to them, I can't find much about their soundstage - are they more forward (row D - like Klipsch) or more recessed (like Levinson)?

I know there's a lot of other great amps but these are the two I'm focusing on.


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I've owned a Levinson 336 and now own the JC1's and they are a bit more forward, more open, more lively than the ML was.  I still really liked the 336 but the maintenance (caps) was just too much for me.  With that said, I like the Parasounds more.

The JC1's do it all from top to bottom, especially in high-bias mode.

I can't comment on the Plinius but can wholeheartedly recommend the JC1's.

Good luck with your decision.
That's great to hear, and I appreciate the comparison. I had a Levinson 332 so I feel I have a good understanding of what you're saying.
Thank you!
You're welcome.  I feel the 336 was a little bit dark and subdued on the top end, however utterly smooth and extremely listenable which I am extremely sensitive to.  I get all of the same attributes with the JC1's but the top end is all there.  Not in an aggressive manner, but a much more open and extended way.

They are truly something special in high-bias mode.  Give them an audition if you can.  They take a long time to break in however so if you audition brand new ones you will probably come away underwhelmed.  It's worth the effort however to get them broken in.
John Curl’s Halo JC1’s mono’s all day every day, especially in high-bias mode, and especially when driving harder loads.
As the JC1’s are Bi-polar (BJT) output devices, which far out perform (when the going gets hard) the Mosfets which I believe Plinius use.

The XRT 28 are stated as 4ohms nominal, so you can bet your life that somewhere they’ll drop to 2ohms, and that’s without taking -phase angles into account. That’s when you want bi-polar (bjt) outputs on your amp, naturally the rest of the amp has to be good also which the JC1’s are definitely.

Cheers George
Had the JC 1 and the Plinius and the Electrocompaniet 

Electrcompaniet  AW 400 were way better.