Parasound JC1's

I would like to know if a Parasound JC1 will match up with my aerial acoustics LR5's. I will be using this for 50% movies and 50% music. Can you also recommend a good surround preamp for this set up? Thank you.
The Halo JC-1 mono amps would be perfect with your LR5's.
They are a 4 ohm speaker which are harder to drive and require amps with greater power reserve. 4 ohm speakers are
vastly more efficient than 6 0r 8 ohm designs. The LR5's
can handle amps up to 500 watts rms. The JC-1's at 400 watts rms, can handle low ohms very well. The best bang for
the buck for a great surround preamp, are the new models
from Outlaw Audio. They are factory direct only at Their sound quality will knock your socks off for music and movies.