Parasound JC1 and Vandersteen?

Anyone out there using this combo? What cabling?
Which vandersteen?
3A sigs with 2wq subs and model 5 x over.
I have 5a and am running kimber grate for the mids and high although I think I am going to switch to audioquest. every vandersteen I have herd with the audioquest just seems to be a grate match. The sky is even used in the crossover you are using.

That is about all the input I can offer I have not herd the Parasound JC1 with them, I usally run tubes and since you can control your bass I would recomend some sort of silver or mid frendly cable this is where vandersteens shine. Also sepends what sound you are looking for and your room. May your dealer can let you borrow a few that is the only real way to know.
A close audio friend has the JC1s and 5As and they sound FABULOUS! No limitation on dynamic range in a moderately sized room and extension, detail, soundstage all there nice and tidy. Great combo.