Parasound JC-2 v. Musical Fidelity A308cr Preamp

I am using the MF A308 with a set of Parasound JC-1s and I love the sound. I've been reading about how well the JC-2 matches with the JC-1s. Has anyone had any experience with both of these preamps?
I have the Kw line stage and phono stage and Nuvista M3. I drive a CJ 350 amp with the line stage. They are very good pieces of gear, as are the JC -1 and JC-2, which a friend uses. My advice would be to leave well enough alone unless you get a chance to borrow a JC-2; you might like it better but you might not, I would stay with what I knew I liked.
Hi Stanwal,
Good advice! Thanks.