Parasound JC-1's - tube or SS pre amp running them

Do the JC 1's generally like a tube or SS pre amp in font. I have a cj prem 16.
am running this same amp,pre. combo.would also be interested in curious to spkrs. and source in your system.
Machine, my present system is prem 16, prem 8a monoblocks with Vienna Mahler speakers. TT is VPI HR-X, Dynavector XV-1. 6 metre IC's between pre and power, another consideration to take into count.

Did you say you have the prem 16 and JC-1 now?. How does it sound. What is your front and speakers?

cheers Shane
Check out the Pre Amp for Parasound JC1 thread.
am using marantz sa-1 player and vandersteen 5s. this system is newly put together,no opinions yet.i mis-understood your post,thought you were using jc-1 with c-j 16.regards,bill.