Parasound JC-1 power cord recommendations

Greetings. Just picked up a pair of JC-1 monoblocks and would like to get high-end powercord recommendations to maximize performance. Budget is $1500 used (but may go a little higer for something exceptional). Have heard good things about the Shunyata line and Kubala Sosna Emotion but wanted input from those with JC-1 monoblocks or those with high end (relatively high end) power cord experience. Thanks.
I like the Elrod EPS 3S quite a bit
JC1's are what I use to design with, the TG Audio Silvers would also be a safe bet since Bob voiced the amp
I have a friend with those amps. He's very pleased with the PS Audio AC-12 cords.
I would recommend the Isoclean Super Focus Power Cords. They compliment the amps very nicely.

I would suggest Synergistic Research T3UHC power cord. Excellent cord for high current demand. Also try a Hologram A.

I second the Synergistic Research T3 or T3UHC as Bacardi recommends. They are fantastic with these amps.
Thanks for the recommendations so far. By the way, what is the msrp for the Synergistic Research T3 and T3UHC?
Go on The Cable and go to the manufacturer list and scroll down to Synergistic Research then click on it. That opens up all of their products. The power cords will be on about the third page of their product listings and the price is displayed on the right side of the page.
While I like the TG Audio SLVRs quite a bit with these amps, I think the Tel Wire HC cords do a better job. More authoritative, larger soundstage with more "air" between instruments etc. To me, the Tel Wires are a great combo with the JC-1s (IME better than the Elrod EPS-3S, Purist Anniversary & FIM Gold).
I bought a set of the TG Silvers to compare to the Elrods and I thought the Elrod was quite a bit better. Never heard the Tel Wire cords though.
Have been extremely happy with the Vesuvius power cords from Silver Circle Audio. Definitely worth a look.
Has anyone tried any of the Shunyata Anaconda or Python power cords with their JC-1s? I just bought a couple of JC-1s and the stock power cords have got to go. Thanks
Using original Shunyata Taipan with good results in lowering noise floor and tightening mid to low bass, imagine higher new models could do even better, but diminishing returns in price-performance ratio should be factored in.