Parasound JC-1 or A31

My Proceed HPA-2 will not power up and I suspect finding a repair for it may be difficult. That leads me to wonder about replacing my HPA-3 that drive a pair of KEF Reference 107/2s and a R600C. I could go with a pair of JC-1s and an A23 in mono mode for the center or an A31. The stereo chain is Ayre C5xeMP or JC-3 to JC-2 BP to amp. (For mch, stereo from a Cary Cinema 12 is passed to the JC-2 BP.) Any advice?

If music is more important than theater, I would get a better stereo amp like an Ayre V5, and buy a cheap amp for the center.
Go with he JC1's.
Hi Dbphd-

I suppose you realize that Pyramid in Austin,TX can repair your Proceed amps? Regardless I am curious what you end up doing.

Whenever I consider selling my HPA3 I always decide to keep it. To replace it with something equal or better would cost me more than I can afford to spend.