Parasound JC-1- Audio signal turn-on function

I recently purchased a pair of Parasound JC-1's and really enjoy their sound and overall performance and I am sure they are not even fully broken-in.

I was trying to use the Audio Signal to turn them on using the setting on the back of each amp. I have adjusted the sensitivity setting to a number of different settings with the same results....the amps always turn ON immediately once the detect an audio signal. Turning them off is a bit different, though. The manual says they will shut down in ~ 5 minutes, but I find that it always takes 30-50 minutes for them to actually shutdown after using my Wadia iTransport or my CD player or turntable. (I am using the preamp in my Audio Aero Prestige player as my preamp, by the way which is connected via balanced inputs to the JC-1's).

This is not deal killer for me because the amp's sound is better than any amp I have previously owned. And I know I can always use the manual turn-on mode. However, I would appreciate any comments from other JC-1 owners as to their experience using the auto-on function via audio signal. Due to the configuration of my setup, having this function work properly would be a big plus. Or maybe I shouldn't fret over the 30-50 minute shutdown time. Any comments? thanks.
I never use it. I have found mine to sound best once they have been on for a couple of hours. I wish I had your problem, but the factory service is great if you require it. I am sure it is a simple adjustment on the inside of the amp.
Gerry, the manual describes the rear panel control settings so the automatic on/off trigger is not used. JC-1s take about 1400 hours to fully break in, and they need to have signal going through them and driving loudspeakers, even if your preamp volume is nearly all the way down. The sound will be decent at 30 days, with a very noticeable improvement at about 42 days and just about done at 50 days, left to go for about 56 days total.
Bringing this old thread back - seems that my JC1 also turns off after more than 30 min. This seems very far off from the "about 5 min" as claimed in the literature. Any one else have the same problem?
Shsohis, have you tried adjusting the input sensitivity? The manual recommends an initial setting at 3 o'clock.
Yes, I have set this at 3 o'clock position. Guess using an external 12V auto-trigger is the way to go....