Parasound Hint 6 or separates?

Has anyone compared the Parasound Hint 6 Integrated with the separates upon which it is based, the P6 preamp and A23+ amp? Are there any advantages using these specific separates over the convenience of the Hint 6 integrated? The price is almost identical. Thanks.
I'm a Parasound dealer and in general, I'll sell about 5 to 1 HINTs to the separates combo (P6/A23+).  The HINT really is a well done integrated that's a pretty nice value in regards to other units out there.

Sonically, as noted above by a few others, I think the two are very, very close.
I am a new owner of the Hint 6, and i am finding it does very well with my Aerial 5Ts. They complement each other perfectly.

Do you leave your Hint 6 on 24/7 or power off. Any harm in leaving it on?
Thanks, goldprintaudio, that helps a lot!
No problem!  If you have any questions on the HINT6, let me know.
The Hint 6 is great, but the Hegels are in a different league. Particularly the big ones, H390/H590. Yes, I’ve had both Parasound and Hegel.