Parasound HCA806 amp is crapping out...

Is it worth fixing or should I just replace it? I've gotten over 10+ years of service out of it and now the channels are starting to fade in and out. It's not the processor since I recently hooked up a Sunfire TGA.
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Repair could cost hundreds of dollars and it is likely only a matter of time before it may have another problem. No guarantee with repair.

New will cost more, but give you the chance to upgrade and if bought from a dealer come with warranty.

I am a dealer for Parasound, Bel Canto, Marantz and PS Audio.

If I could help feel free to contact me.
I also experience "channel fade" with my HCA806. While I have not tried this yet, I have heard that the level control pots for each channel go bad and can be bypassed to eliminate this problem.
Any suggestions for a replacement 7-channel amp? I'd like to keep it in the neighborhood of $1,500 if possible. I've seen a few used Cary Cinema 7's for around this price. Should I bite or pass?