Parasound HCA-3500: Which aftermarket power cords?

I was just wondering what relatively inexpensive aftermarket power cords match up well with the Parasound HCA-3500 power amp, and bring out its best sonically?
Thanks for your help.
I am really happy with Morrow Audio MAP 2s <$200 on special. He advertises here
I used the LAT International AC-2s for years with my 3500. Can be found used here for under 150.00.
For $75.00, Parasound has a stock power cord made for them by Wan Lung in Taiwan. It is a 12 gauge, UPOCC cord and it is an excellent sounding cord. Look at the label on your stock cord to see if this is the Wan Lung Black model. If you want better, you'll have to spend substantially more. I have a couple in my system now and they are pretty special to me. Oh, and I don't have any Parasound electronics.
I think still has the Parasound cords on sale for around 39.00.
For my main system I have become fond of PS Audio's $49 Power Punch cords. Well made and they deliver a positive difference over stock cords.
Yes, I just found the cord on the AA site. A great bargain at $29.99: