Parasound HCA-3500 to Proceed HPA-2?

I currently have the Parasound and am wondering if this is an upgrade or just a step sidways? The Parasound seems to win the specs game but it cost much less new. Also i would like to inquire to all proceed owners about the durrability of the hca-2. (I know proceed has an upgrade out for this amp that, from what I understand, fixes durrability problems)
I've not had the HCA 3500 in my system for a listen, though I've had other older Parasound HCA amps. I currently own an HPA 2 and 3, and consider then far better than the Parasounds I owned. I liked the HCA's, but find the Proceed just seems to do everything easier... It really shines on difficult speakers provng excellent detail without blurring things together which I found the Parasound to do. It is a slightly more relaxed and neutral amp then the Parasounds I've had as well. Hope that helps some.

I am unaware of an upgrade to fix reliability issues, though I've not had any problems with mine to date.
I don't think the Proceed will help tame the Parasound's harshness if that is your goal. You'll get better results with tubes and room treatments. In the end it might be easier to get a speaker with a soft dome tweeter.
Do you think a Classe preamp would help tame the parasound? (as a side note i have started looking for new speakers for a two channel setup, i will probably keep the paradigms for home theatre and slowly convert them over to whatever speaker i choose)
What room treatments do you have? This can make a big difference in the presentation of any speaker.
The speakers are located in a guest bedroom which contains one twin bed, an love seat(my seeting position),and an armoire. What room treatments do you recomend? how do I position them?
do a search on audioasylum and here,about parasound,bob crumped talked alot about this issue,,i sold mine cause i coudnt take it..there is a mod to fix it but i didnt do it