Parasound HCA-3500 Amp

Does anybody have any additional info on this amp. I have been noticing a few of these for sale, and was wondering why someone would buy an amp and sell for 1/2 off after 4 months. I am interested in this amp, but would like to know why people are dumping them.
Cadman, From what I understand, Parasound is getting out of two channel audio. They may be discontinuing the 3500 amp. I know Audio Advisor had them on sale for a discounted amount several months ago (though they might have been B stock items). You might want to check and for more reviews. Good luck, Michael
Parasound has disco'd this amp along with much of their two channel line. They were selling brand new for $1350 just a while ago. According to John Curl ( the designer of this amp ), the parts that Parasound used to build this amp and what he spec'd are quite different. Nonetheless, John said that changing two parts ( resistors, i think ) makes a very noticeable improvement to the performance of the unit at minimal cost. He is also offering these amps built to his original design specs for the price of $5000. If you would like more info on this specific amp, go to the Audio Asylum and do a search in the General Forum Archives using the name of this amp as the subject matter. John specifically mentions which two part numbers to change and exactly what brand / values to use. Hope this helps. Sean >