Parasound HCA-2200II Runs Very Hot

I just acquired this unit through our local Craigslist. Unit is almost pristine cosmetically. The sound too, was exceptional. I found it to be better than the McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe it replaced. I am not kidding! Listening at low volume levels was quite revealing as the lows and the highs were quite apparent. I had not heard the highs and the lows on the DNA-1 Deluxe at low listening levels. Anyway, back to my point, the HCA-2200II runs very very hot when it is played for long periods of time - like for a few hours. Would like to know from others who own or have owned it if they are aware of this heat issue. It drives a pair of B&W Nautilus 802 speakers.
Hi, we are talking only hot to the touch? If so I use to own an HCA 2003a and it use to run hot as well and same for my Halo A21 ,just make sure its got good ventalation and it should be fine. And kudos on the great low level detail it produces, I use to spend many a latenite enjoying music with the HCA' sometimes wish she was still here!
Correction that's 2203a 220watts x 3 (lol) its been a while.
I had a HCA2200 and they are biased for (I think) ~20-25 watts of class A, which makes them run very hot - even at idle. If it's not too hot to touch I suspect yours is running exactly as it's suppose to.
But if you say it is too hot to touch or hotter on one side than the other, it could be bias issue.
I have a unit that runs 45 deg. c right ch. and 55+ left ch. I can touch it for 1 sec. So it is a bias issue I'm sure. But I can't find the BIAS pots!?? Parasound says they are accesable, without taking this monster apart - could someone pont to where they and the emitter resistors are?
Oh - and when fired up from cold, sparks fly from the output board, once just after the click comes, and then again after around 10 sec. Nothing in the speakes, nothing in the sound image. It's CLEAN! Like in blown with compressed air, and then vacuumed. Strange.
Hey dude, bet that amp is a dead dog now? It should have been repaired. Any sparks is a big no no.
Morgandogge hi:

The B&W 802's are bit of a pig of a load to drive, so yes your amp will be working hard, pumping out good amounts of current. So long as both sides are the same temp, all should be ok.
The Nelson Pass test, 30c-35c ambient temp, is palms of the hands on the heat sinks for 4 seconds then need to remove them, is a highest class A bias setting you should have after a couple of hours.

Cheers George