Parasound HCA-2200?

Hello all,
 I have a chance to buy one really cheap, does anyone here have any experience with these, it's a mk-I, and I understand the mk-II preferred, is it worth $300? Or should I pass?
Thanks, Kent 
Bought one new in 1997 in Montreal when I lived and worked there for a couple of years. It was my first "high end" amp and it sounded great driving a pair of V1 Paradigm Reference 100s, which I had read about in Stereophile and auditioned at Filtronique: Son et Image, in N. Montreal. I also had a Parasound preamp that I bought a small audio shop downtown to go with it and I can’t remember the exact model, but it was the middle preamp in the line of three models I recall that they had at the time. Plenty of clean power, quiet and well built. I’m pretty sure it was a Mk 1. For $300, provided it works and sounds good, yeah, I would call that a good deal.
I would agree, $300.00 for a well made, though older amp, is much bang for your buck.  If you are able to open her up and do a visual inspection before purchasing that would be even better.  I have purchased many(28) over 15 year old amps in the last eight years and only two of them had any type of failure.

Very good deal. I'd buy it

The HCA series is still great- go for it!
This excerpt from a Stereophile review should give you an indication of which way to go.
 Cheers George
In recent years, Curl has been a consultant to Parasound, and was responsible for the revision of the Parasound HCA-2200 amplifier to Mark II status, which took it from an initial negative review in Stereophile to a Follow-Up that described it as a product that "succeeds in spades" (Vol.17 No.3).
I had one,  Great amp, and a great deal at $300.