Parasound HCA-2003A versus HCA-2200II

I currently own a Parasound HCA-2003A. This 220x3 amp has really been wonderful and I have fallen in love with the Parasound sonic character. I originally purchased this amp for HT and now I am wondering if I should look for a HCA-2200II for 2-channel only duties. My question is for those who have had experience with both or either amplifier. What, if any, are the main sonic differences and how much better is the 2200II. Thanks for all the input.
I've sold both of those amps on a retail level over the years. I find that the difference between them is going to be minor, in terms of a sonic characterstic difference. They have a similar sound. But the 2200 does (as do most 2 channels vs mulit's) seem to have better channel separation and soundstaging capabilities. Micro-dynamics and Macro's might also lean a bit towards the 2200's favor. Overall, I'd probably say 5-10% at most difference overall for most applications you'll likely encounter.
I don't personally think the differnce is great enough(since the sonic league is the same) it's much of a step up. Unless you're a huge Parasound fan, I think you'll not get much of a large improvement over what you've got not.
A step to another amp altogether would be what you need to get better results. Still, "for that sound", there's not so much else to recommend. The Parasound has a warm bodied, bass weighty sound, with slightly rolled off top end. It's definitely listenable, and non-offensive. Overall, I like the Parasounds at the price points, and they make excellent HT and/or bass amps at THE VERY LEAST! For the record, both the 2200 and 2003 are in the same basic sonic league..which is borderline Class B..and rightly so.
Overall, I would not go from the likely "side-ways" move to the 2200 I think...if that is you still need the 3rd channel also. YOu'd change amps, but sound quality would remain similar. Doesn't make so much sense to me.
Stereophile rated the 2200II as Class B and the 2003 as Class C.
Thanks for the first response. My thinking is the same here but what I would be doing is just moving the 2003A to center and surround duties and using the 2200II for L/R. I am trying to see if I will notice an appreciable difference. I have gotten some responses exactly like yours and some that say I will be blown away. Hard for me to believe. I have even been told that I would lose something as having the 2003A across the front for HT makes for more of a cohesive soundfield. Thanks.