Parasound HCA-1201's and one won't power up

Hey everyone,
I have a pair of Parasound HCA-1201 monoblocks, that
I put in them storage for a little while. I brought them out because I got a new pre-amp and wanted to try it out. Anyways, I was hooking everything up, and maybe plugged the amp in with the rocker switch in the ON position, I'm not sure. But then when I when to flipped it on, a little spark arc'd in the switch, the red LED come on and then went out, the the green never came on. I flipped it back and forth a few times (yeah, probably the dumbest thing to do) and got it to power up once. Listened to music, seemed to work o.k. Shut it down again, and now won't turn back on. I flip the switch, no spark, but the red LED comes on and immediately goes out. Any ideas? I think I'll need send it off to get repaired, but I got a new pre-amp that I'm dying to try out. Thanks for the help.
Start by checking the fuses.
Checked the fuses-o.k. Pulled out the ole Fluke and started with the rocker switch, which turned out to be bad. Took a trip to the hardware store and bought one that was close, and bingo, thing works fine. I was a nervous at first, to flip the switch, in case an internal short caused the switch to burn out. But so far, so good. Now I just need get ahold of parasound to see if they'll sell me one.
Hi Rhbowker,
You can reach Parasound service at either 866-770-8324 or 415-672-7272. Best of luck!