Parasound HCA-1200 II - What Is It?

I'm looking for a used amp in the $300-$500 range, that will power a pair of Polk LSi9s (4 ohms, 200wpc+ recommended). More or less down to Adcom GFA-555 vs. something from Parasound; leaning towards Parasound because of what I hear re: superior SQ. Particularly interested in HCA-1500A or Halo 23.

Anyway...I keep seeing a Parasound amp that's not listed on their site, not even under the Discontinued tab: HCA-1200 II. It looks like it's a John Curl design, and its wattage appears to be identical to the HCA-1500A (205wpc @ 8 ohms, 325wpc @ 4 ohms). So it looks like it's more or less the Parasound amp that I want - HCA-1500A - just with a different model name. It also sells for a little less than I would expect a 1500A to sell for.

Does anyone know what's up with the 1200 II? What is its design/release history? Is there some reason why it wouldn't be on the Parasound site? And if it's basically a HCA-1500, why didn't they just call it that? Is it a revision that maybe wasn't exactly an improvement? Why does it sell for $100-$200 less than one would expect an HCA-1500A (or even an HCA-1000A) to sell for?

A lot of questions, I know. Thanks for any replies.
They became much more pricey.
Sorry for not directly answering your question, I have heard the 1500, but not a 1200II. There is a Sumo Andromeda II on ebay right now on bids, should go for $500 or so. I personally would rather listen to this over any Adcom except maybe a 5802 and any Parasound under the 2200II... Its a touch on the cool side, but very smooth, detailed and very good bass.
I hope this helps, Tim
Thanks for replies...I took a look at that Sumo, Timlub. Interesting unit. I'm kind of married to Parasound or Adcom at this point...I've spent so much internets time reconning those two to the bone. This amp is really to hold me over until I can get one of my wish list amps, used, in the $700-$1000 range. I've been using an Adcom GFA-545 until now, so I'm also sort of interested in hearing a Para. There's a Parasound Halo 23 on ebay for $500, and I'm really conflicted about it. That's almost "keeper" quality, and it's at the upper end of what I want for now.

As for the 1200 II, it doesn't seem to have been "professionally" reviewed, but what little people say about it is positive, more or less. It sure looks like an HCA-1500A on paper. I would love to find a 1500A for less than that Halo, but for now, I'm kind of resigning myself to getting a GFA-555 (which is not a bad amp) for $300 or so.

btw here's some info on the Sumo Andromeda II and original, in case anyone's interested:
Hi Bthogan,
The info that you posted above is for a Sumo Andromeda, It was a JB design. When Jim sold Sumo to Randy Patton, Randy Hired Jason Stoddard (Schiit Audio) Jason was responsible for the Andromeda II, a very different amp than the Andromeda. Andromeda was bipolar out, Andromeda II is mosfet. JB would not use mosfets at that time... I prefer Jims model Nine the best of all Sumo's but next to that I much prefer the Andromeda II or III over the original Andromeda that you referenced above.
emotiva xpa-2
the 1200 mk2 is similar to the 1500. same power rating. The 1200 series was pre remote turn on, and pre new face plate change.

would think you can get the 1200 to sound pretty good. Its old enough now though, that a complete re-cap may be of benefit.