Parasound HCA-1000a vs Adcom GFA-545 vs Mccormack

I would like oppinions on the difference between the following amps sound Parasound HCA-1000A,Adcom GFA-545II, Belles 150A and Mccormack DNA 0.5, I have owned the Mccormack but neither of the others,If someone has an opinion on the sound differences between these 4 I would appreciate it.
Parasound better than the Adcom; good, tight bass, good sound for a mid fi SS amp. Excellent used values. No exp with McC.
With the exception of perhaps the Belles, none of these amps will match the DNA 0.5. And yes, I agree that the Parasound is better than the Adcom, and a very good value.
I agree with Arni 100%. Solid advice.