Parasound haloJC 1 VS McIntosh M-501's

Has anyone had any experience comparing these two? My other choice is the mbl 8011's. However it is more than likely I will choose between the Halo JC 1's or the MAC 501's.

I listen to jazz, vocals, percussion and acoustic music primarily. I will be driving the highly inefficient(82db/meter/watt) mbl 101D's

Any input always appreiciated, Dave.
Go with the Mac. It has autoformers and will have better resale value if you ever sell. Note how many folks take gas on audio components!!! Why join them?
When I heard both in my system the MAC sounded quite a bit better.
You should have a listen to the MBL amp thou as it would be made to drive your MBL speakers.

Yes on MBL, the 8011S or the 8011M. John ( velo62 ) is gone this week and I don't think he has access to a computer.
If he see's this when he returns I am sure he will jump all over this as he has the 8011S plus he has owned the 501's.
Now and then the MBL amps come through here and some are downright cheap considering retail cost. I think the used market for these isn't great so with patience, you may be able to score. But do try the McIntoshes - I think they are incredible. Arthur