Parasound Halo vs New Series?

I am ad nauseum trying to develop a budget. How would you compare the sound of the halo jc2 and a21 to the new series model 22250 and model 2100? I plan on either vandy quatros or model 5’s if a great deal comes along. I have heard the halo combo with the vandy sig 3a and it was great! I am just wondering if other than the balanced sections is there that much difference? I f there is I will just bite the bullet and keep saving up. Look forward to your inouts.

Joe in Mobile
The Parasound New Classic series was not designed by John Curl, the Halo series is. Curl is one of those legendary circuit designers and a lot of people respect his work. The last Parasound line to carry his design ideas was the HCA line, lots of which you will find on sale here at Audiogon.
One unique thing about the New Classic 2100 pre is its bass management capability, if you are going to run a 2.1 system or plan to add a sub in the future. This is why it was on my radar, but I have switched plans and am now building a more simple 2-channel system.
I would go for the Halo series over the New Classic series, and I think most people here will agree. Better looks, better warranty, and in the case of the P3 and A23, its not that much more expensive.