Parasound Halo T-3 and Fanfare FT-1A tuners?

I presently own a Parasound T-3 stereo tuner.
I am seriously considering purchasing a used Fanfare FT-1A tuner as well.
Has anyone owned or compared both of these units?
Do you think the Fanfare will perform and sound better than the Parasound?
Any comments or comparisons would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
Stereophile's review when it came out years ago said it was the best tuner available and the FM standard.

Now this was many years ago and I'm not sure if anything has changed substantially. You can read the reviews on line for the FT-1 & FT-1A.

Now here is the interesting thing about it. When Fanfare came on the market they took a B&K T-108 tumer and added balanced inputs and remote. It looks and sounds the same. B&K only made ther tuner for 2 years until Fanfare took ove rin 1993. Both are made in Buffulo, NY. The B&k cost $430 an the fanfare was $1500 (?). You can buy the B&K for $300 used if you cn find one.

I have the B&K and it is spectaculare with dead quiet background, superb bass, and musicality. It has a great anologue sound like listening to vynal IMHO. It has excellent selectivity for DXers. I understand it can be modified to be a DXers dream.
You will have to excuse my bad typing on my response as I was in a hurry and I'm not all that good at typing anyways. I hope you could understand it.