Parasound Halo P

Wondering if I would get a significant benefit by adding the Parasound P6 to my HT setup. Presently I am using the Sherbourn PT-7030, Emotiva UPA-700, Oppo-105 (used mostly as a DAC for a Blusound Vault), Pro-Ject 2Experiance TT with a Sumiko Blue Point Special #2 cartridge and a Pro-Ject  Phono Box SE phon amp. I would be using the Parasound as a DAC and phono amp. 

Thanks for any input
The P6’s DAC is more of a convenience than anything special. The pre itself is meh. The Parasound Zdac and Integrated have much better DACs.

The P7 is a much better pre overall. 

If you are sticking to 2-channel, consider the Mytek Brooklyn or Manhattan instead.


Agreed.  The DAC in the Oppo 105 is actually quite good, although it may sound just a tiny bit dry.  I don't know much about the PT-7030, but I have heard that it's pretty darn good for what it is.  The Parasound preamp (even the P7) is likely not going to give you a big jump in sound quality.  If you're looking for an upgrade, I would look at getting a really nice preamp to make the Oppo DAC "sing".  Something with discrete Class A is good.  Or a higher quality normal preamp.  There's an Ayre Acoustics K-5 on audiogon for $1100.  Don't know what you're budget is.  The older Krell processors actually make a very excellent preamp and have discrete Class A analog circuits (such as S1000).  There's a Bryston BP20 for $787 if you want to go that direction.
The P6 has the same DAC as the HINT 6 and the original Halo integrated.  What about this piece is meh?  Where have you heard a Parasound P6? 

DAC in the P6 is identical to the Hint 6 Integrated.  Actually, according to the owner the entire preamp section in the Hint 6 IS the P6.  They are the same preamp, the Hint just has a power amo section.

Also the same DAC used in the new Peachtree Nova 150 and 300
So much internet here it hurts......the P6 uses the Sabre ESS and the Hint 6 uses the P6 Preamp section correct as stated.  
If you purchase a P6, I would make sure you purchase from a reputable dealer that will let you return (I purchased mine from an out of state dealer in Montana) - otherwise you will be taking a $500 bath when you go to sell it like I did.  If you are looking to use the phono section - look elsewhere.  I never a/b'ed with a 29 dollar Behringer phono pre-amp which I still own, but do not use - I am guessing they were close in hiss factor.  My other beef is that the adjustment dials were too small to turn - may not be a factor if you have petite little hands.   If you are only using it as a line stage, I think you could be happy.