Parasound halo jc2 and A-21 Dali helicons 800 II

I just move to a new place that the size of the living room it's 300 SF,
I have been troubleshooting to obtain the sound I am adjust to, tiring and frustrated I found out that big rooms need higher volume to get the bass!
I use to lived in a basement so quite different scenario,
I switched to my Yamaha s2000 amp with my Polk lsi 15 rather than parasound with dalis at lest better bass
Need help guys!
Your Parasound amp has plenty of power to get adequate bass out of your Dali speakers. You either have serious room acoustics issues or listen at volumes that are going to destroy your hearing.

If you absolutely need more bass, a subwoofer might be the way to go.
Have you checked the other thread you started on the same topic? A few comments were offered for you there: