Parasound Halo JC1 mono amps and Merlin VSM-MX

I will replace my speakers with the latest Merlin VSM-MX in a few days.
I am driving my current speakers with the Parasound Halo JC-1 mono amps 400 wpc SS and a VAC Standard Pre. (Tube). Would like opinions on the synergy between the JC-1s and the Merlins.
Of course, I will hear for myself but am wondering if this is going to be a good fit.
My impression is that Merlins tend to sound their best with high-output-impedance tube amps, in particular OTL's (SET's tend to not be powerful enough). I have a couple of friends with Merlins, one of whom has experimented extensively with amplifier pairings. I'm a JC-1 dealer, and that's not the amp I'd recommend to a Merlin owner. Sorry!

As a VSM-MM owner,I would second Dukes assesment[SP].The Berning ZH270 was one of the best I've heard,good luck,Bob
Bobby sez high-output amps are missing something when mated with his speakers.
Agreed to all the above. I tried the JC-1s when I had Merlins and it was not a good combination at all.
I had little Merlins a while back. I used same with what I deem great SS gear(Naim). It was unlistenable! Be careful.