Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock amplifier

Does anyone have any information on this amp?
Does it run hot?
How will it match up with a VTL 2.5 tube pre-amp?
Are there any particular characteristics to its sounds...i.e, warm, transparent, etc?

Thanks in advance.
The Jc-1's run a little hot, especially in high bias. They are just a little lean and dry with a solid state preamp. They do better with a tube preamp. You won't find a better solid state amplifier for under $25,000. I have been using four of the JC-1's in a biamp configureation with the Einstein tube preamp and the Wisdom Audio speakers for several years and have been completely satisfied.

Pairing with a VTL 2.5 pre-amp.
If they're out in the open, how hot are we talking at moderate sound levels?
If they are out the open they will not be a problem. I have driven mine hard and long and never had them heat where I cant hold my hand on them. (always in high bias)
The sound is very good. I preferred them with a tube preamp also, but had very good results with my Ayre K-1xe SS pre. I liked them the best with a Bat preamp.
Hi Admann227.
The Parasound Halo's JC1 do run a little hot especially in "High Bias" but it will not be a problem if you are going to use them in an open Audio rack as I have mine so the heat can be dissipated.If you intend to use them in an enclosed cabinet I suggest you run them in "Low Bias" although they are going to sound their best in High Bias.

I can described the sound of these beautiful Monoblocks as
warm sounding. The bass slam on these amps is the best I have heard so far in many amps. It is state of the art.They produce a lot of transparency with such a delicacy that you can hear every instrument,every sound ,every voice without taking anything away from the music. I do agree 100% with JBM when he said that they are the best solid state amplifiers under $25,000 and perhaps more. No wonder why the Highly Regarded Stereophile Magazine continues to rated these amps as Class A on their list of best amps in the world.

I am using mine with a Parasound Halo C1 Preamp/Processor using my Tube Musical Fidelity Trvista SACD Player sending the signal through the C1 balance inputs in Direct Bypass Mode and using the Balance Outputs of my C1 straight to the Balance Inputs of my JC1's which are connected to my pair of Tyler Acoustic Lynbrook Signature Series Speakers.
I am using which I consider the best cables around , Acoustic Zen Cables. I am using a pair of the Silver Reference II Interconnects from the Musical Fidelity TriVista SACD Player to the C1, and from the C1 Preamp I am using a Pair of Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II to the JC1's and from the JC'1 I am using a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun (Biwired) Speaker Cables to my Tyler Acoustics Lynbrook Signature Series. I have to say without a doubt that this is a !!Match Made In Heaven!!

I hope you do get these amps because you will not be disappointed.
Best of Luck,

The Parasound JC-1 monoblocks are wonderful! I use them in conjunction with a Tube Research Labs modified Marantz SA-14 SACD/CD player, Aesthetix Calypso tube preamplifier and a pair of Wilson-Benesch Discovery loudspeakers.

The JC-1 solid state amplifier combines the warmth/sweetness of tubes along with the bass control of solid state. Stereophile measured this amplifier outputting 4200Watts into a 1 ohm load so it is a brute.

They sound best in high-bias mode which generates a fair amount of heat. If you have a large room, this will not be a problem. With a smaller room it may be an issue. In my room 12.5X16.5, the temperature got quite warm, especially in summer. You can reduce heat generation by keeping the amplifiers in low-bias mode and only switch to high-bias mode for serious listening. I ended up moving the amplifiers to a basement shelf, directly underneath the preamplifier (on the main floor) which solved any heat generation issues. However I know of others who absolutely loved the amplifiers but couldn't handle the heat generation and ended up selling.

The amplifiers are special, so make an attempt to accommodate them.

Sit them on the single amp stand, you will not have any issue but is it hot? yes it is but the sound of jc1 is amazing and you will greatly appreciate the the sound comparing with the money pay.
Steve is referring to me (he now owns my JC-1s). In a smaller room and with summer temperatures, they can become a little unbearable especially since there are two of them dispensing heat. They do sound exceptional with a tube preamp (Aesthetix Calypso for me as well), but this only adds to the heat generation. Thus, you must have excellent air flow, blast the air conditioning, or have a really large room where the heat can quickly disperse.

But if you CAN accomodate, you will be GREATLY pleased.

The bass control of these is absolutely amazing and something I haven't been able to find in any other amplifier. The way the amp controls the woofer with piston like precision adds new depth and realism to the presentation.

In my dream system, I'd have these amps. If I had the (dedicated) ROOM for my dream system, that is. :)