Parasound Halo Integrated Amplifier

Hello to all,

Still looking for Integrated Amplifier for the Focal 807W speakers.
I like NAD (C356BEE) house sound but I would like to upgrade to something better.
Does anybody have any information or opinion on Parasound Halo Integrated Amplifier.
Thank you


Parasound Halo Integrated Amplifier

Great choice for your speakers, designed by the master John Curl, bi-polar output stage with heaps of wattage and current ability for your speakers.

Loaded with features, dac, phono stages all remote and 5 year warranty.

Has the goods, backed up by Stereophile measured test and reviews also by Absolute Sounds.

Cheers George

I' ve become a big Parasound fan after acquiring an A21, and then a P7.  Their house sound is great, a gorgeous midrange with detailed highs that aren't harsh.  It was so much better than the Emotiva and NAD stuff I had and really brought my speakers to life.

I haven't heard the Integrated, but my research on Parasound and the owner, Richard Schram, revealed a top notch company that will not put out compromised gear.  I actually considered selling my Parasound set up to fund buying the Integrated, as I probably don't use half the watts of the A21, but in the end decided the sound would probably be pretty much the same.

Hope this helps.
I demoed the Parasound integrated from Audio Advisor this summer. I did not keep it, not because it wasn't a good amp for the money, but it just wasn't to my taste. It is loaded with good features. The phono stage is quite good for an onboard phono pre.
I am familiar with the NAD sound (had a c326bee and now have an older c352 in a second system). The Parasound is clearly superior to the NAD.
I recommend trying one from Audio Advisor. They have a 30 day money back option if for any reason you aren't satisfied. Their customer service is friendly and responsive. I believe I dealt with Kaan, a good guy.
Yeah, Nad offers good bang for buck, but any Parasound Halo gear is in another league.
Based on specifications, I'm torn between Parasound Halo Integrated and NAD C390DD with HDMI 1 module for my KEF LS50. Do you think they are similar in soundstage and weighted bass? My sources are from Blu-ray music video, CD, & appleTV (4th gen). Thanks.

It depends on the speaker, the Kef LS50 is a little hard to drive in the bass with 4ohms and -55 degrees phase angle, this could equate to a load seen by the amp as low as 2ohms at that frequency, 100-200hz.

The Halo can push good current for this load, I don’t think the NAD could equal that.

As well the Halo is designed by a very highly regarded designer, "John Curl" you just have to look at his cred.

Cheers George

O.K. I've tried Parasound Halo Int. and I really can't justify the price
of 2.5K. With the Focal's the sound is same as with the NAD C356DAC.
Of course, Parasound is an excellent amplifier but I really don't need that power and extra features.
Yesterday I received 6 Emails from the fellow audiogoners suggesting
to change the speakers but I really like the sound of the Focal's.
So I am still looking for the neutral to warm, transparent sounding Integrated
amplifier up to $4000.00.