Parasound halo c1 review in Widescreen review

The reviewer, Perry Sun prefers the c1 to his reference TAG av32r[bp-192] latest version pre/pros dacs, saying the c1 dacs offer more tonal articulation and a slightly lower noise floor.
As a multi channel analog pre, the c1 delivered remarkable performance,the sonic quality was very close to that of the MCcormack MAP-1 dedicated multi channel analog pre in direct comparison.
Perry says the c1 offers a whole lot of what a true high end preamp will deliver, yet also at a much greater price to performance ratio.
He said the c1 is one of the true forefront pre/pros and that its 6k price should actually seem modest.

As far as its operation, he said, this is one of the few units that I have encountered that doesn't have clicks or pops when changing dvd surround modes,menus,tracks ect.
Even dts cd's that either popped or cut off the first few milliseconds[when changing tracks] of a song is absent.

A positive review on a 6k pre/pro that street prices in the 4.5-5k range is what most will see when they read the review.
What I see is the same exact pre/pro minus the monitor,upgraded power supply to run the monitor and a few less ic's.
I see a review of the c2 which is internally and sonically identicle to the c1 and streets for around 3k or so.
If the 6k list of the c1 should seem modest, what does that say about the value in a c2.
I have asked dealers and those that have heard both, and there is no build or sonic difference in the two other than previously mentioned.
I also want to mention that Widescreen review does not sugar coat there reviews imo, when compared to other rags, and they declared sacd as sonically superior to dvd-a years ago and have had a lot of negative things to say about popular amps from Canada and England that other rags would not dare mention.

Needless to say, my c2 has already been ordered, but I was leaning this direction before the review.
I would love to compare the C2 to my previous high-end processor- Sim Audio Attraction, which is a great piece.