Parasound Halo A23 tube pre-amp pairing

Greetings and a happy new year to all audiogonzos!

I'm building up a two-channel system and am looking for some direction.  Right now I am running:

Sonore microRendu -> Metrum Musette -> Rotel RC850 -> Rotel RB850 -> Ohm Walsh Tall 1000's.

I want to replace the Rotel RB850 with a Parasound Halo A23 - it seems to hit a sweet spot for price + enough current to drive the Ohms + overall sound quality + fits in the cabinet it needs to fit in.

I would like to replace the RC850 with a tube linestage.  I have some exposure to tube components, and I find the analog timbre attractive.  By "analog timbre" I mostly mean presence, and lack of glare or harshness.

At some point we may upgrade the Musette, which seems thin-ish with the Rotels, but we'll see what it sounds like after the power amp / pre-amp upgrades.

We listen to a lot of choral music, a lot of acoustic jazz, a lot of classical music, a lot of acoustic musics of all kinds.  A fair amount of rock pop and blues, but nothing really noisy.  A more than average amount of Afro-Cuban and Afro-other.  We don't listen at really high volume levels, nothing you can't have a conversation over.

We really notice (in a positive way) nice percussion transients, rich and lifelike vocal tone, accurate acoustic instrument timbres.  We really notice (in a negative way) shrill high-register voices, and thin or harsh string or piano tone.

Budget for the pre is $1500 or less.  Pick of the litter so far for new gear is the Quicksilver 2015 linestage (no remote, 12au7's).  Used stuff I've stumbled across that seems good and is in our budget includes Audible Illusions Modulus L1, CJ PV 10AL, and a Herron VTSP-1.

What think you?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments, all are appreciated!

All the best - 
The PV 10 is a wonderful choice, especially with such a neutral amp like the A23. The power supplies were a little iffy though, the PV 12 is more rugged thanks to having a 2-stage, dual-mono (kind of) regulator.


I have that Quicksilver and it uses 12at7 tubes. It is a true bargain at the price of $995. If you need a mono and balance control you best look elsewhere. If you don't need those features then you won't go wrong with it!
sorry, you are correct, the quicksilver uses 12at7's.

I do not need mono, or balance control.  fwiw, I don't need phono or a remote, either, if that affects anyone's comments.

thanks for the comments so far, much appreciated!
I am also interested in the new quicksilver linestage I have a a23 and a a21 sitting around around and want to use my monitor audio sliver 8 speakers . My initial thought was to use a parasound p5. It was told to try quicksilver 

I really like my Aric Audio Unlimited preamp. It might esthetically look too plain for many but it has a very lush and engaging sound quality and can also be easily owner upgraded. Its a full tube design. I also looked at Mapletree Audio preamps. They offer an excellent value for a two chassis preamp, and can be customized as well. Both of these models as well as the older CJ preamps have a more "tuby" sound which tend to have a glowing midrange sound well suited for vocals and smaller bands like jazz trios, etc. I understand Quicksilver gear has a more neutral presentation.

I agree that he Quicksilver represents great value for the price provided you don't need a remote. If a remote is under consideration another good tube pre is the Jolida Fusion, which is within budget, however $350 more. 

Both companies back their products.